Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game is published by Tencent Games and is available for Android and ios (i.e., iPhone). The game is currently undergoing a phased roll-out, from 19 March 2018, but it is a global roll-out and it’s available in the UK and other territories on Android. The ios version is also available. You can find the Android version on Google Play and the ios version on the Apple App Store.

Battle royale basically means all against all, a bit like The Hunger Games where you start with nothing and have to scavenge and collect weapons and equipment. The game is ultimately a battle to the last player standing, with 100 players on an 8 x 8 km island. There are three modes of play: solo, duo and squad, with the latter letting you team up with three other players for a team of four.

Each is a little different with various pros and cons, the big pro of team play being that have people to support you, revive you and bring an element of co-operative tactics to the game. The game starts with you parachuting onto the game island. On landing your mission is to gather everything you can to help you win, from clothes to medical supplies to weapons, with a wide range of weapons and modifications for those weapons. Chat conversation end Type a message.

Battlegrounds Mobile game

The island is a mixture of urban and rural environments, detailed in the map in the top right-hand corner of the game, and the full area is initially playable, but the play areas decreases in size as time progresses. This forces the players closer together with ever decreasing circles, those left outside the safe play space will start to take damage and eventually die.

 The game reaches its climax when the last few players are condensed down into a small space and one player or team emerges as the victor. Each game can last up to about 30 minutes if you’re one of the last standing. Of course, you can die almost as soon as you’re on the ground. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

How to play pubg for playing pubg you many controls on screen you move your character with t pad and youcan fire at you enemy with fire button you also have scope in and out button there on your mobile’s screen by which you zoom in and out  at your enemy and can  see what your enemy’s position

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And I have some tips for you so that you can survive and get winner winner chicken dinner as much as you can

1. Never reveal you position always try to locate your Enemy.

2. Always reload your gun doesn’t  matter if you even fire a single bullet.

3. Always throw wasteful  items which is not useful for you.

4. Take fights as much as you can by doing this not only you will enhance your performance you will understand new strategies and you  can be able to take down 3-4 enemies at the same time.

5. Always choose server  which  has low ping so that your game will not lag while you playing.

6. Look at flight path in mini map when you are in waiting area, And jump between 800 and 900 meters  distance from your destination by doing this you will reach at your destination faster more than  others .

7. Don’t forget to enable peek and fire button from the settings.

8. Always keep throw able items to rush on your enemies.

Battlegrounds Mobile game1

Pros & Cons

Actually there is no advantages of  playing game. Only one advantage, it makes you feel  freshly and happy

But there are lots of disadvantages

It will cause eye problems. When you  get addict to the game you will waste your 8-10 hours daily.  And it will affect  your studies

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